The Funniest Props We Found on ArtStation


When it comes to props design one might think of heavy weapons, furniture, interior, natural elements, fantasy stuff, or even gadgets. People associate prop artists with those who create objects in the scene that you don’t pay much attention to and usually forget they even exist. They entrust them to create an atmosphere staying behind-the-scenes magicians who make everything work together but never play the first role. And sometimes it is true. Unless you saw props from this compilation. Because their authors stepped outside the box when creating props and made such funny and cute objects that once you noticed them in the scene you can’t just pass by and immediately forget it.

Strange Guns

Probably you are used to seeing a lot of different weapon props, but we bet these guns will surprise you.

Selfie pistol by Linus Scheffel seems like a cool start-up idea despite a bit of destructiveness. Nevertheless, it could be a rather catchy prop in some cool-style game.

Rifle (Pringles) was created by Vitaly Rush from Pictores Studio. Pringles lovers would probably enjoy this artwork.

What do you think of this one – Weapon Skin by Álvaro San Juan. Disgusting and funny at the same time, but no one could argue the creativity of this concept.

According to the author’s description, OS1D Pistol Shotgun by Fawaz, “reduces the conventional firearm to its bare minimum; a grip, a trigger, and a hammer. You don’t really need multiple shots, a barrel, or even a stock. Asceticism is the way with the OS1D Pistol Shotgun!” And what is your opinion on it?

Mot by Alin Bolcas

Character-stylized props have become a real trend. And this one looks so unusual and folklore.


Grenade by Vitor Camara

This is an example of how simple props design can become a real art. The idea and execution: 10/10.


And what was your favorite funny prop out of those?