What’s New? Meet Collections – All the Art You Need at Your Fingertips


Prepare for Your Future Art Needs by Easily Saving & Organizing Artists’ Based on Their Art!

We’re excited to introduce ‘Collections,’ al versatile new feature designed to streamline your project planning process.

With Collections, you can save and group artists based on their art. Create custom collections based on how you want to group artists – by category, style, artist country, game project, or any other grouping you need .

Future You will be very thankful for these collections — you can revisit your selections whenever you need, narrow down artists for a project, and send project requests directly to individual or groups of artists Never get caught off guard again by building your collections over time so you are ready with your vetted list of artists as soon as project needs hit your desk.

 What Are Collections?

‘Collections’ is a versatile new feature on Devoted CG designed to simplify the way you browse and organize freelancers & their art portfolios.

With Collections, you can:

  •  Save & Categorize: Add art to custom-named collections as you browse the Art Feed, ensuring you can easily find and revisit your favorite game artists and their relevant art.
  • Streamline Selection: Keep track of suitable artists for current or future projects, all in one organized place.
  • Send Requests to Your Pre-Vetted Artists: Expedite the process of working with a freelance artist by quickly sending project requests to your selected artists
  • Enhanced Viewing: Use the art preview grid as a quick way to view and manage your selections and the artist view to see details on who created each asset.

How to use it

Step 1: Sign In as a Client

Make sure you’re signed in as a client. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up for Devoted CG Early Access here: Sign Up

Step 2: Browse & Save

While browsing or searching the Art Feed, if you see artwork you like, hover over it to reveal the ‘heart’ and ‘folder’ icons. These icons also appear when you click on the artwork to view it in full screen mode. Like the art to add it to your personal ‘Liked Artworks’ page.

Step 3: Create a Collection

When prompted to create a collection, add your custom name, for instance, [3D Realistic Props] or [Project #1], and press ‘Save’ to create your first Collection.

Step 4: Add more Artworks

Continue browsing the Devoted CG Art Feed and add art you like to your Collection. You can also create new Collections for different purposes.

Step 5: Manage your Collections

To view all your Collections, go to the ‘Collection’ page. Here, you can rename or delete Collections. In each Collection, you can easily change the view to see the freelance artist available for work behind each asset as well as click through to their full portfolio.

Wrapping Things Up

The new ‘Collections’ feature on Devoted CG brings a transformative experience for our users. Imagine having all your favorite game freelance artists selected based on the power of their art and organized exactly the way you need them. .

Consider Jane, an Outsource Manager who often felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of art she had to sift through just to find the right freelance game artist for her next project.

Previously, Jane had to look for new artists at the last minute through ArtStation and Instagram for every new project, which was time-consuming and exhausting. With Collections, she can now quickly find artists with our AI-powered portfolio search, save artists based on their art, and create collections around her various art needs (concept art, 3D vehicles, 3D VFX, etc) so she is ready for any task. It’s now quick and effortless to reach out to the right freelance artists for each project needed..

Don’t forget that Devoted CG is constantly evolving. We update our platform daily to bring you the best tools, artists, and features. Keep monitoring our updates and new features, as we are committed to providing the best tools for you. Stay tuned for more enhancements designed to make your custom asset creation and freelance artist search workflows smoother & more efficient!

Questions or feedback? Reach out to our friendly support team: [email protected]